** Please keep in mind that everybody may have a slightly different grading scale, and this is how I -personally- grade my pins. Also, please remember that enamel pins are handmade items and there is honestly no such thing as a perfect pin. All pins will usually have some minor usually noticeable flaws in them.  


I also grade all my pins based on their batches, so an A grade of one design won't necessarily  be an A grade of another. These are just my general rules when I sit down to grade.

  • Standard - Contain little to no defects. May exhibit very minor imperfections such as  slightly under filled enamel, a spec of paint or dust stuck in the enamel that can’t be buffed away. These pins are great for wearing and displaying as a collection
  • Seconds - Multiple minor defects or major defects of the types above. These pins are great for budget collectors and are heavily discounted. One person’s junk is another person's treasure, basically sums up a second pin. These are sold at a heavy discount of usually 50% off or more.
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